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Please contact us! We're very interested in hearing from other bass anglers and welcome your bass fishing stories, comments, suggestions and ideas for enhancing this site and educating our readers. If there are subjects you would like to see added to the site we welcome your suggestions.

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You may have a question about the who, what, when, where and why of bass fishing. Maybe you have one about lures, rods, techniques or gear. Whatever it may be, please use the open space in the form below located just below the "Country" drop down box to enter and submit it.

Coming Soon 

I'll have a section devoted to Q&A where I can feature all the questions and my answers to the many inquiries I receive. I confess, I'm not the most diligent about drafting personal response e-mails as I, like most of you, work full time. When not working if there is a choice between fishing and adding to this site.... well, if you love fishing you know the answer.

Got Articles?

Share Your Knowledge and Experiences

If you have written or would like to write articles on any aspect of bass fishing be it about techniques, baits, tackle, or some humorous or unusual experiences when bass fishing. Like the incident in the picture below where a largemouth bass tried to eat another while in my live-well. Darnedest thing I've ever seen.

Mitch and I were fishing a private lake where, contrary to our normal practice of catch and release, we were "harvesting" bass at the recommendation of a lake management company. Too many bass per acre. Anyway, we heard a hell of a commotion in the live-well and opened it up to find these two in an unbelievable lip-lock. Just another testament to the aggressive nature of black bass.

Got Photos?

If you "got em submit em", pictures that is, on the Bass Fishermen Pictures page and we'll place them on the Braggin Board for the benefit of our visitors. We'll give you appropriate credit of course.

Articles or questions? 

(1) go to Fishing Article Library, visit Article Writing Information then e-mail them to or;

(2) place them in the CONTACT US FORM reply box space below and click submit.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Go to Bass Fishermen Pictures to submit pictures of your "hawgs", "lunkers" or any photo of the bass you've caught.

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Comments and Compliments

Thank You!

Below are but a few of the many very appreciated comments sent in by visitors.

Please keep them coming.

"I am 57 and have only been fishing for about 2 years. Bass fishing is becoming an addiction. Your articles are top notch! ....

I am looking forward to earning a bass bum cap. Again thanks for the great reading..."

Karl, Missouri

"I just recently picked up the hobby of bass fishing and found it to be very fun even though I know very little about the sport. I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all the quality information you've provided. I don't have anyone else in my friends or family that fishes so knowledge handed down doesn't exist. The website is well organized and touched on everything that I had questions about. Once again I can't express to you how happy I was when I found your website. I actually feel like I stand a fighting chance going fishing now!"

Kris, Owensboro, Kentucky

"Thanks you for all the work you've done in creating this site! It is by far the most understandable, informative, and comprehensive site I've found on bass and bass fishing on the entire web. What a great find for guys like me who are trying to learn the art!"

Len, Middlebury, Connecticut

"WOW... I have on and off your site most of the day!!! Fantastic! I am returning to bass fishing after about 45 years....

I love your site and wellll... I have gotten great info for my trip and am buying line and another rod based on your recommendations."

Doug, Bel Air, Maryland

"I really enjoy your site--lots of good info."

Ken, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Thanks for this website. I find your articles very helpful and informative. Keep up the great work."

Robert, Mission Viejo, California

"Love your website. Been reading it a little at a time taking a mental break from work. I've learned something every time."

Steve, Royse City, Texas

"I just want to tell you I love your site. No matter my stress or sorrow bass fishing keeps my mind at peace. I can fish all day without a single bite and leave satisfied......

Thank you for your awesome site!"

Corey, Olympia, Washington

"Great web site just found you guys,......"

Allen, Riverside, California