Article Writing Information

Article Writing Information and guidelines for articles submitted for publication in Bass Fishing and Catching’s article library

What We Like and Don’t Like to Receive

  • First: Originality in articles is highly regarded and writings reflecting it will be the first to find their way to publication.
  • Second: Don’t send articles that you have been published on other sites. We prefer original articles that contain information not published on other bass fishing sites.

Don’t Send ………

Also, as this is a site about bass fishing we will not publish articles that are not directly related, for example:

  • Salt Water Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Company Advertisements or Marketing Material

Nor will we print articles that are Gripes, Groans, Pisses or Moans about:

  • Politics
  • Fishing tackle manufacturers
  • The government (I don’t care for it either but that conversation is for another place)
  • Conservation groups
  • Bass Fishing Clubs or Tournament Organizations
  • Bass fishermen that use live bait

Article Writing Information

Writing Tips and Guidelines

Articles are intended to be educational for our readers who are just beginning in the sport or are trying to improve their knowledge and bass catching skills. Articles that are “bitch sessions” or extremely critical of others will not likely pass review for publication.

Note: Bass Fishing and Catching reserves the right to edit and/or modify articles to conform to the following:

  • Please stay on topic and resist rambling on about things that add no real “reader value” to your article. Write specific to the time, place and activity in your article. For example, the reader won’t be interested in the circumstances of how you arrived at the lake. Just what you did once there. While humor is encouraged, keep it clean, no gratuitous profanity.
  • Avoid abbreviations for better writing. Note the following examples:
  • Temperature, not “temp”.
  • Ounce, not “oz.”
  • Inch, not - “
  • Foot or feet, not - ‘
  • Capitalize proper nouns only.
  • Use “spell check” to avoid misspellings
  • Check sentence structure and avoid poor grammar.

Don’t be shy, just start writing. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to write about something you know and enjoy.

Article Writing Information

Article Format and Requirements:

1. Articles must be in Word format only

2. Length – not less than 500 words nor more than 3,000

3. Images – limit to three if possible but more are OK if needed to fully communicate the educational/instructional aspect of the articleoDo not include images “within” the body of your article; include them as an attachment to your e-mail.            

  • Do not include images “within” the body of your article; include them as an attachment to your e-mail.
  • Image size should not be narrower than 250 pixels wide and no wider than 500 pixels.
  • Images should be JPG files and no larger than 1.0 megapixel in size.
  • Larger files should be reduced prior to delivery. Large files often fail to be delivered via e-mail.
  • Images that are blurred and/or poorly lighted might be used.
  • Clearly identify your images with sequential file name numbers (image01.jpg, image02.jpg, etc.) or clear text descriptions.
  • Provide directions as to the location of images in your article by referencing them at the place in your copy where they are to appear.
  • The e-mail address used must valid. 

NOTE: No payments are made for published articles. However, no articles provided to Bass Fishing and Catching will be given or sold to any other individuals or commercial entities.

Video Requirements and Guidelines:

Videos are very welcome! Fishing trips, action videos catching bass taken with GoPro or similar cameras, “how-to” instructional videos, etc. are ideal topics.

1. Videos must not promote another site or blog.

2. Videos must not promote in any way, including watermarks

  • your company or a product of your own
  • clear, blatant promotion of any specific product (logos on fishing tackle equipment being used in the video are excluded and acceptable)
  • casual reference to the tackle, gear or lures being used is acceptable

3. Profanity, slanderous remarks or images that might be considered inappropriate for a bass fishing website

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