The Uni-Knot

Easy and Reliable

The Uni-knot is one of the most reliable of bass fishing knots. It works well for tying line to hooks, lures, and swivels. This knot, when tied in the double uni-knot configuration, is also a good choice for connecting line to leader and line to line.

This knot is also effective in creating fishing knots with most types and sizes of line.

When it comes to tying fishing knots this knot is easy to tie even when it's dark or your vision isn't what it used to be. Many of us know what that's all about don't we?

Hopefully, each knot tying illustration that follows will make the art of knot tying easier for you.

Knot Tying Instructions

Tying a Uni Knot Step 1

Step 1

  • Run about six inches of line through the hook eye, lure split ring, etc.
  • Then fold the tag end back back so it is basically parallel to the main line.
Tying a Uni Knot Step 2

Step 2

  • Next lay the tag end over the doubled line.
  • A loop should be formed against the doubled line at this point.
Tying a Uni Knot Step 3

Step 3

  • Bring the tag end up and "behind" the doubled line.
Tying a Uni Knot Step 4

Step 4

  • Direct the tag end "through" the loop.This will begin the "first" wrap around the doubled over line.
Tying a Uni Knot Step 5

Step 5

  • Make six wraps around the doubled line.
  • Bring the tag end "through and out the top of the loop".
Tying a Uni Knot Step 6

Step 6

  • After moistening pull the main line tight.
  • The knot should slide against the hook eye seating itself tightly.
  • Trim the tag end no closer than 1/8 inch from the knot

There you have it. A simple and effective knot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Uni Knot

Because it’s easy to tie it’s good in low light conditions. As I mentioned above, because it is so easy to tie, it's especially good for old guys like me whose eyes are not as good as they once were. However, it doesn’t perform that well when used with braid lines and some criticize it as not being a strong knot. Yes, there are some knots notably stronger but the uni knot is a solid performing fishing knot

Now, a word about knot strength. There are probably few bass lost due to the inadequate strength of a fishing line knot. Most knots, tied properly, will prove sufficient if the line is a quality line and the reel's drag is set properly.

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