The Surgeons Knot

Best For Joining Monofilament To Monofilament

The surgeons knot is a very reliable knot for joining line and leader lines together. It's most effective when joining two lines that are the same, or no more than three times line tests apart. For example, 4lb line to 12lb, 8lb test to 20lb etc.

If you're fly fishing for bass this is a good knot for joining tippets together when building a tapered leader.

Knot Tying Instructions

Don't get confused by the following instructions or knot tying illustration. The full length of the leader is not shown so remember that you must pass the end of the line as well as the full length of the leader through the loop on each wrap.

It's really a simple knot to tie.

Step 1

  • Place your leader and main line side by side.

Step 2

  • Holding the two lines side by side in your hands move your hands together which will form a loop like the one shown.

Step 3

  • Keep your loop open and pass the two lines through it making your first wrap.

Step 4

  • Make three more wraps and then take hold of the tag and main line on each side of the loop.
  • Pull slowly to draw the knot tight.

  • Once the knot is tight cut the tags.

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