Summit Lake bronzebaci >:D

by Corey Patterson
(Olympia, Wa)

Man vs Smallmouth, Man Wins! This Time.

Man vs Smallmouth, Man Wins! This Time.

I was using a 6 inch Kut Tail on a football jig in a part of the lake I always had a feeling held big fish. The area has lots of logs, rocks, and gets deep pretty quick close to a point. The hard part is... lots of snags.

I walked my worm to directly under me. I paused and felt a little resistance. I'd pull, it would pull right back. But it really like I had snagged a branch, not a bass. So I pulled harder and kinda gave it a quick jerk. That's when my reel screamed! I fought her for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

I could hardly stand up my knees were weak from all the excitement. She took my stuff undetected! She's a good silver medal to the one I know, I wont get started.

She was so stealthy. I look forward to our next battle. I fooled her once and next year we will each be a a year wiser. I won't forget her face, let's hope she won't forget mine >:D.

Always catch and release!

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