Georgia 5.7lb Pond Largemouth

by Walter
(Columbus, Ga)

My Largemouth Bass

My Largemouth Bass

Walter is a new Bass Bum from Georgia that got "bit" by bass fishing this past spring. He tells us he has learned a lot from our Bass Fishing and Catching web site. Hearing such from bass fisherman is music to our ears.

Here is one of his most recent success stories and it clearly emphasizes that small lake and pond fishing can produce some very large pond bass. Sounds like Walter is "catching on" pretty fast.

"I just returned from a family vacation in Highlands, NC with yet another fishing tale, with me as the hero of course."

"Highlands is a neat mountain town known for shopping, cool weather, and fly fishing. Well, I haven't gotten into fly fishing yet so I decided the day I got there that I would try a pond that people visit and feed the ducks and geese. I thought there might be some largemouth bass in it; maybe some bream too."

"My children caught tons of the biggest earthworms I've ever seen the evening we arrived so I thought we would catch bream with them on July 4th. As I baited the hook with a plump lengthy live worm I noticed a shadow moving through the shallow water where the bream were. It was a largemouth! After a worm didn't draw a hit from any bream, I gave the kids some bread to go feed to the ducks and I grabbed my rod that was already wacky rigged (learned this method from Bass Bum 1) and tossed the worm behind a bass. Missed. So I threw again in front of him and he swims up, looks hard at it as the dark 8" Zoom worm settles on the bottom. The water is mountain clear and I am essentially sight fishing here. She sucks it in! I set the hook and bring her in. She turns out to be a 3.5 pounder."

"Well, minus a few small dinks after that, caught with a torpedo on top, I didn't catch another bass for the next two days. My last day the Big Boss, my sweet wife, texted me I had 20 minutes left. I looked and spotted a stone retaining wall on the other side of the lake. I sat down, Texas rigged a 6" red plastic worm with an action tail. I then walked over to this last spot. Highlands has a cool climate so some fish are still on bed."

"Well, there were tons of bream beds along the edge close to the wall. I saw that the water got darker just past the bream beds so I wondered about my fellow bass brethren. I watched my worm go through the bream beds with nothing happening. I threw further into the dark water one last time and I felt a thump? Then nothing. So I threw to the same spot and Voom! A heavy thump! She had it! I pulled and she splashed and I felt I had a good hookup on her. I reeled her to the base of the retaining wall and realized I had a problem. No net, arms not long enough to reach her. I decided to risk it and pulled her up with my rod expecting my line or rod to break any second. But my Quantum medium action rod didn't rose to the occasion."

"I rushed the fish to my tackle box and weighed it. She was 5lbs 7oz. The duck feeders all came and gathered around me to my delight. I then took her around to a good shallow spot and she took off. Catch and release!"

"It's was the 2nd biggest bass for me I believe so I was thrilled. Appreciate your website because for someone like me who is motivated to learn more to get better, it is a tremendous resource."



Want to know how you fish a Wacky Rig? Check out this link, wacky rigged.

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