Bass Fisherman Pictures 3

Bass Fishing Photos Tell the Tale of the Catch!

Chris was fishing the Bay of Quinte, Bellville, Ontario in the CBAF Fed Cup when he hooked this 5lb 1oz largemouth. It was a September afternoon in 66-70 degree water. Weapon of choice was creature bait on a Strike King jig.

John caught this 4lb, 5 oz, 21" largemouth fishing out of a pontoon boat on a pond. The lure  that brought her out of heavy cover was a Senko.

He found her in 66-70 degree August water in the mid afternoon.

Dylan brought this 4lb smallmouth in with what he described as a "live bait lure rattler". Not sure what that is. Anyway, it was early evening in July on Port Severn in Ontario. Water temp was in the 56-60 degree range.

Caught from the bank of Piedmont Lake in Ohio!! A 7lb 6oz "hawg" smallmouth. Kurt caught it on a lipless crankbait in cold 45-50 degree water, mid afternoon in April.

Tad Drummond and his beautiful daughter paige with a very nice largemouth bass. Paige caught the bass, not dad. Caught from the bank with a green pumpkin Senko in April, mid afternoon.

My, Bass Bum 1's, grandson, Jacob Phillips, with a nice largemouth caught in a pond.

Peter caught this unusually large, for Canada, 9lb largemouth bass in a natural lake. It was holding close to a tree near some lily pads.

His lure was a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper in Houdini color.

David caught this largemouth on a Yamamoto tube worm, watermelon red-flake color,in a golf course pond where he works.

It was in January, water 51-55 degrees in late afternoon. I gotta take up golf.

Paul tells us this 3-4lb, 16" largemouth was but one of thirty he and a buddy caught in four hours in August from Haymeadow Pond. He says the pond is rarely fished so the "pickins" are good.

Time of day was early, starting at 5:00 AM when water was in the 66-70° range. Lures used were mostly Strike King.

Sally's first bass! That's what you call excited. The size doesn't matter with the first bass caught. Only that you caught it.

She hooked it with a shallow running Shad Rap crankbait.

By the way, she is yours truly, Bass Bum 1's, number one lady.

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